Who We Are

In 2003, Chico Premjee, Rasik Soni and Nitesh Premji teamed up to form Trapezoid Investments. It was the start of the property boom and they were ready to take advantage of the opportunity to build apartments within the Gateway precinct. From the start, Trapezoid set out to create value for the client, and their buildings are preferred when it comes to leasing or buying around Gateway.

There is no compromise. A lot of buildings are just apartments, and they wanted to go the extra mile. They design grand foyers and have 24-hour security and CCTV throughout their buildings, as well as a visible presence of guards. Every building employs a building manager and a contract cleaning services team. The high quality of finishes and fittings in all the apartments is evident, as is the dedicated maintenance of the common areas.

They started with Platinum Towers, a development of 30 apartments. As they have gained experience and seen their projects succeed, they have become bolder and their buildings bigger. This was followed by Il Palazzo, a mixed-use development of 50 apartments and 25 offices and shops. Their third and fourth ventures were The Quartz, another mixed-use building with 76 apartments, and Imbali, a cluster of eight houses at Izinga Ridge. Next was One on Herrwood, a fully residential building of 98 apartments, and then Seasons Court with 111 Units and the latest Seasons Park with 89 Units.

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